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washington's national security agency spying on high priority israeli military targets in york times reported on nov third in a seven page article based on documents leaked by performer and as a contractor that were snowed in all the in depth overview the tales highly classified documents leaked by snowden they include document outlining the american intelligence agencies monitoring of israeli targets namely israel defense forces drone aircraft and israel's black sparrow missile system classified documents leaked to the report further confirm the reports of past cooperation between the nsa any of the idf signal intelligence unit eighty two under it would try clearly cheese raw materials ok my signals intelligence that is by spying. top obama administration officials have in the past praised israel's intelligence capabilities and express gratitude for receiving access to it. new york times report comes on the heels of our age in europe over the revelation that the us listen in on european leaders including capping german chancellor angela merkel cell phone last week us secretary of state john
's national security agency had been monitoring the postal communications relations between us and germany now under threat the white house having recently stated that until just a few weeks ago us president a bomb and no knowledge of them wanted to let go. the streets of new york city meanwhile the views of the american be mixed with some believing its mining does more harm than good. i don't think it's right on the high and some countries back the distance behind people's backs up the spine to people and aid to states to miscommunication and further conflict between countries. others believe today is nothing unusual in surveillance of all the countries. he will be doing this kind of thing for a long time. and that this is now with all sorts of media and the leeks and so forth this is people are finding out about it. i don't think that of relief that the american . this are really that surprised it's more of those things that you knew was happening but not yet become rich. isn't that so unfortunate reality but of course given the nature of technology and globalization if ever one is intertwi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2